Welcome to HORSEPOWER!

Have you heard the calling from the Horses?


Horses hold a magical energy. They can bring you back in touch with yourself and they speak to the very heart of us human beings.

You are invited to meditate with our beautiful horses wherever you are in the World.

When you join HorsePower you will receive guided video meditations in your inbox every month for 6 months.

Hearing the sound of a horse munching hay quiets your mind. 


The horses' calm breathing and slow heartbeat affect us positively. You will experience how your own breathing becomes calmer. Let the horse breathe on your heart.


The guided meditations that you get every month in HorsePower, can help you reduce the stress of everyday life. Let yourself be swept away in the tranquility of the horses' comfortable energies and a soft voice that guides you.


These great and magnificent creatures are always in the present moment. They teach us to listen to our hearts and show us who we are inside. Many find that horses hold a healing power.

Meditate with our horses

Each month, for 6 months, you will get this in your inbox:

  • one guided meditation in the presence of the horses
  • one guided meditation with lovely affirmations to start your day in the best way
  • Be kind to yourself


Personal development

Each month you will also get:


  • Self-coaching questions to help you move forward
  • Beautiful pictures of the Swedish countryside.
  • Because of the presence of my horses you will get something completely different from other meditation.
  • We are going to sit inside the stall with a horse and you will almost be able to smell the warm, mellow fragrance of the horses' fur. The best perfume in the world.
  • Listen to the contented sounds of horses munching their hay. 
  • Reconnect with yourself and strengthen relationships
  • You can join wherever you are in the world. On your phone or your laptop.


Why HorsePower?

  • Release everyday worries for a while and unwind.
  • Lessen anxiety and stress.

  • Deepen your meditations when listening to the horses calm breathing

  • Be kind to yourself. Let the horse touch your heart.

  • Be in the present moment. Leave all your worries behind. Don't think about what to make for dinner or the kids squabbling.

  • Cope with everyday stress. Get better sleep.

  • HorsePower simply wishes to make the world a better place.


HorsePower brings something new to you

Meet our Spanish horses


We are situated in the beautiful landscape of southern Sweden. You will be invited to join via photos every month.


Ann-Britt and her husband used to breed Spanish horses, but now Ann-Britt works as a coach with her horses participating as teachers in FEEL, Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. (FEEL was founded in Canada in 2010).


Ann-Britt's mission in life is to help women live a brighter and bolder life, free of limiting beliefs.


Spanish horses have a lovely temperament and they were the horses for kings and noblemen during the Renaissance. You will often see them in old paintings carrying the king away to war or a hunt.


Now YOU will be given the honor to MEDITATE TOGETHER WITH THEM.

If you have any questions, please contact Ann-Britt Bolinder at:






HorsePower runs for six months. You will receive 2 videos each month, selfcoaching questions and beautiful photos from our farm in Sweden. 


BONUSES will pop up from time to time.


Try it for one month! You can cancel any time you like.


You pay 297 Swedish krona per month, which is less than 35 US Dollars or 30 Euros. 


Welcome to visit us,


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